Lombok accommodation reviews

We recently spent two weeks travelling around the island of Lombok, Indonesia, with our two-year-old daughter. We stayed in five different locations, and below are my detailed reviews of the Lombok accommodation we stayed at.

I’ve created a separate page for this because it’s probably way too much information for anyone just following our travels. But if you’re looking for Lombok accommodation recommendations yourself, I hope this information is useful.

Here is a run-down of where we stayed – you can click these links to be taken directly to each review:

Review of Krisna Bungalows, Sekotong, Lombok
Review of Kuta Bay Homestay, Kuta, Lombok
Review of Tetebatu Garden, Tetebatu, Lombok
Review of Sendok Hotel, Sengiggi, Lombok
Review of Puji Homestay, Mataram, Lombok

Please be aware that I use affiliate links on this page. This means that if you click through to the booking sites and make a booking, I receive commission from the booking site. It won’t cost you any extra, so you can think of it as a way of saying thanks for this site.

I should also point out that at this stage, just before our daughter hits two, we can get away with all sharing a bed. With a standard double it’s a squeeze; with a king size we fit just fine. Next trip we will probably need to venture into the realm of family rooms.

Review of Krisna Bungalows, Sekotong, Lombok

Our first port of call in Lombok was Sekotong in the southwest, where we stayed in Krisna Bungalows. Due to what appeared to be an oversight on my part we just had a basic room with a fan – booked for 250,000.

The rooms are situated right on the beach front (although some don’t directly face the ocean) and are set in pretty gardens. There are around six basic rooms with a fan and then six individual bungalows, some of which have air conditioning.

Our night in the fan room was not particularly enjoyable, mainly because of the heat. The room itself was fine, although quite dark, and the bathroom didn’t smell great.

Fortunately the next day we were able to move to one of the air-conditioned bungalows. We had to pay an extra 150,000 for this, making the total 400,000. I probably wouldn’t have booked it at this price online, but I’m really glad we paid the extra. The room was bigger, more modern, brighter, and not at all smelly! Plus it was next to the pool and opened out right onto the beach (well, except for a 2m drop onto some rocks).

bungalows with air con, sekotong
Air-conditioned rooms at Krisna Bungalows

The staff said that they only advertise their air-conditioned bungalows on booking.com, so you’ll need to book here (or contact them directly) if you want to go with this option.


Their other rooms are also available to book on Agoda.

The setup of Krisna Bungalows is a little odd, because the restaurant and fan rooms are separated from the bungalows and swimming pool by a stretch of land about 100m long. At low tide you can walk along the beach to get from one to the other, but when the tide comes in the only option is the main road. It’s not very busy, but people do drive along there quite fast.

It’s a shame that, just an hour or so after we moved to our new room, the power went off. I know this wasn’t their fault, but it was annoying. They did have a generator but it was only strong enough to power the fan, not the air conditioner. The power didn’t come on again until about 6pm so for a while we thought we were facing another hot and sweaty night.

boat for snorkelling trips in Sekotong
The boat at Krisna Bungalows

The guest house has its own boat which is used for snorkelling day trips to the nearby islands. We didn’t think this would be a great day out for a two-year old but we did get them to take us out to one of the closest islands, Gili Nanngu, for just a couple of hours.

The staff were very friendly and willing to accommodate requests like this. One of them even went out to buy bananas for us one morning.

The orientation of the bungalows is such that you get the full force of the sun in your face as soon as it rises over the hills in the distance. With the bright green curtains used in the room this guarantees an early start unless you’re a heavy sleeper.

What’s the restaurant like?

Breakfast is included in the room price and you can choose either a pancake or egg and toast. This comes with a small portion of fruit and a coffee or tea. That’s coffee made the local way; strong and bitter with the granules left in the bottom. This is standard in all budget accommodation in Lombok but if you don’t like it, bring your own instant coffee and ask them to add hot water.

You get a lovely view of the ocean as you eat, although there was not much of a breeze when we were there. The only fan in the restaurant was stuck in one position so we picked the table closest to where it was blowing.

restaurant sekotong
The restaurant at Krisna Bungalows, Lombok

Lunch is served from 12-4 and dinner from 7-10, both with a menu featuring mainly Indonesian dishes. I can recommend the fish curry! The portions are good sizes but the prices seem quite high considering it’s standard local cuisine – 35k for nasi goreng and 50k for curry and rice.

However, you’re not exactly spoiled for choice in this area. There is a restaurant attached to the accommodation next door, and then if you walk east along the main road you’ll find a handful of local warungs, mainly selling pre-packaged rice in brown paper cones. You’ll also find people barbecuing fresh fish during the day, and you can eat this with rice.

Is Krisna Bungalows child-friendly?

The staff were very welcoming and accommodating of our daughter. However, as is common in Indonesia, there were no high chairs at the restaurant and the place had not been designed with child safety in mind.

The bungalows are raised about 2m up from sea level and there is just a concrete path separating them from the drop into the sea – no barrier at all. Four of them are set back further but have the pool right in front of them. So if your child likes to run about and explore, you’ll have to keep a very close eye on them here.

drop into the sea
Just outside the bungalows is this drop

Talking of the beach… it’s nice to be able to look out over the sea but this particular beach is not great for playing and swimming. The sand is quite muddy and there is a lot of rubbish floating in the water, so we stuck to the pool.

The pool at Krisna Bungalows doesn’t have a shallow area but does have a ledge along one side which Abigail enjoyed standing on while she played with her stacking cups and an old bottle.

It’s frustrating that the restaurant doesn’t start serving dinner until 7pm, as that’s when Abigail usually goes to sleep. All they could offer before that time was plain rice.

If you are prepared for all the quirks that come along with this place, I’d definitely recommend it for a quiet getaway.

Review of Kuta Bay Homestay, Kuta, Lombok

Our first impressions of our accommodation in Kuta weren’t great as it looked like a building site. Well, technically it was, as they were in the middle of constructing some new rooms overlooking the pool. This three-storey structure was quite overbearing and spoiled the peace somewhat when we were trying to swim.

I think the construction also extends to the cafe they advertise, as there was no food on offer apart from breakfast. More on that in a moment.

On the plus side, our room was a decent size, clean, and quite cool during the day. The bathroom was big too. We paid 350,000 for a room with air con, but there were cheaper bungalows with fans right opposite us.

reivew of rooms at kuta bay homestay
Newer rooms to the left, bungalows to the right, and the new building straight ahead

The American owner has made an effort to finish the newer rooms and the pool nicely, but it wouldn’t have hurt to put some furniture in. All we had in our room was a bed – no wardrobe, cupboard, table, or anything else to unpack and put stuff on. And staying for four nights, we really could have done with somewhere to put our stuff!

Kuta Bay Homestay attracted more of a backpacker crowd than the last place we stayed at, but we didn’t have any problem with noise or disruption at night (that makes me sound so old!).

The location

Kuta Bay Homestay is well located just a few minutes’ walk from Kuta Beach. This part of the beach isn’t the best for swimming and it’s mainly used by fishermen, so it’s not one of the more popular tourist beaches in the area. But there’s still something nice about staying within walking distance of the sea.

fishing boats on the beach
The beach close to Kuta Bay Homestay

This Lombok accommodation is just off the corner where the two main roads of restaurants meet, so you don’t need to walk far to find food. There’s an Alfamart in easy walking distance, too.

On the road to the beach is a local market. There are a few stalls set up there every day selling food and fruits, but on Wednesday and Sunday it opens up into a full market with vendors selling everything from fish to tobacco to shoes to kitchenware.

kuta lombok market stalls
Busy market day at Kuta, Lombok

It’s definitely worth a look around the market if you’re there on one of those days. You can pick up some snacks or local food for breakfast such as nasi campur (mixed rice) or bubur ayam (chicken porridge). Do be prepared for it to be busy.

busy market day
Traffic jam at Kuta market, Lombok

There are a couple of laundries right by the homestay. We used the one over the road which was run by a very frail old lady and guarded by several dogs. The price was 10k per kilo – twice what we paid in Sekotong, but still not bad. One of the other guests had a problem with a jacket going missing there, but we got all our clothes back, as far as I’m aware.

There are many other beaches along the coast near Kuta, and this is where we found our favourite beaches in Lombok – Pantai Aan and Pantai Selong Belanak (read about these and the other Lombok beaches we visited here).

kuta lombok beach road
The road to Pantai Selong Belanak from Kuta

It’s easy to reach these by bike driving either east or west of Kuta, and there are good views along the way.

Breakfast at Kuta Bay Homestay

I’m afraid I don’t have much good to say about the breakfast.

On the first morning I ordered an omelette with toast and a banana pancake. The omelette, when it arrived, was basically scrambled egg that hadn’t been scrambled. No tomato, no cheese, no onion, no nothing. All of those ingredients, by the way, were present in the omelette served at our previous accommodation. The single slice of toast served with the omelette had been cooked in a toasted sandwich maker so had squashed crusts and a diagonal line through the middle. Clearly all their money had gone into this new building, leaving them no funds to buy a toaster.

Anyway, on the subsequent days we ordered toast and fruit, while Chandra bought us top-up breakfast from a local food stall. Toast was served with nasty margarine, not butter. At least they did have fruit as an option, for those wanting something healthy.

Is Kuta Bay Homestay child-friendly?

There were a couple of quite steep steps down from the balcony outside our room, but once we were satisfied that Abigail could navigate those safely we felt comfortable letting her play outside in the gardens.

The pool at Kuta Bay Homestay is great for children as there is a shallow kids’ pool at one end and the main pool has ledges around three sides so there is plenty of space to play without actually swimming.

swimming pool
Pool with a kids’ area at Kuta Bay Homestay

I wouldn’t rule out staying at Kuta Bay Homestay if we visited Lombok again, but I would certainly shop around for other options first. Once the new building is completed there will be nine rooms directly overlooking the pool, which I imagine will be just as disconcerting as a bunch of workmen.

Review of Tetebatu Garden, Tetebatu, Lombok

I had booked this place because of the views it promised, and it certainly delivered on that front! It was by far the most beautiful and serene of our Lombok accommodation.

Tetebatu Garden resort review
View from our porch at Tetebatu Garden

The location

Tetebatu is a village up in the mountains of Lombok, about a two hour drive from the main tourist areas of Kuta and Senggigi.

Tetebatu Garden is a bit further on from where many of the guest houses are located, so I’m glad we had our own transport. If you stayed there without a bike you might feel a bit isolated although there are places you can walk to from there.

After driving down a bumpy track off the main road for about 100m, we arrived at this small guest house. At the moment it’s just four bungalows, although they are building more. They’re set on the side of a hill, so each room is away from the others and has amazing natural views of the jungle.

You can hear the stream below from the rooms, and a five-minute trek down the hill brings you to the water. Turn left and follow the stream and you’ll come to a waterfall – and not one that’s packed with groups of other tourists.

waterfall in tetebatu
Waterfall close to Tetebatu Garden accommodation

For solo travellers or couples wanting to feel refreshed away from the busier areas, this is the perfect location.


The rooms and facilities

The bungalows are small but cute, and have been nicely finished with tiled bathrooms and little trinkets like dreamcatchers hanging all over. We just had a mattress on the floor but it was comfortable and cosy. A mosquito net was provided, as was a fan when I asked for it, although we hardly needed this as it got pretty chilly at night.

tetebatu garden rooms
Bungalow rooms at Tetebatu Garden Resort

By the third day everything was feeling and smelling a bit damp, so I’m glad we didn’t stay any longer (that and the lack of space).

The showers have cold water, which is normal in budget accommodation in Lombok, but you feel it a lot more in this cooler area than you do by the beaches. So be ready for that.

The owners were friendly and did a round of laundry for us. Unfortunately it didn’t dry properly due to lack of sun that day, but it was at least clean.

The restaurant at Tetebatu Garden

We were offered a choice of banana pancake or omelette for breakfast. Both were nice and fresh, and the omelette had plenty of veggies in it. No toast, so we popped into the village to buy some bread so Abigail could have peanut butter sandwiches.

We ate a couple of other meals at the restaurant there. All the food was lovely and cooked to order with fresh ingredients, but it was a little on the pricey side – especially as they add 10% tax to the menu prices. It’s in the middle of nowehere and you do have amazing views, but you probably wouldn’t want to eat there every day.

Having said that, the alternatives all seem to be pretty much the same. We went in search of a local warung serving cheap food one day, but had to drive all the way back down to the town of Kotaraja to find one.

Is Tetebatu Garden Resort child-friendly?

Apart from the steep drop down a hill just metres from each bungalow, I would say yes. The gardens are beautiful and Abigail enjoyed finding flowers and chasing butterflies there. Our bungalow had a porch with a lockable gate at the front so we had that bit of space where we knew she was safe playing.

tetebatu garden views
The steep hill down to the stream behind Tetebatu Garden

The steps between the different levels of the gardens are steep and uneven so you have to walk with care, especially when it’s wet.

The staff were friendly and even gave Abigail some scrap paper and a pen to keep her busy while we waited for food.

I would stay here again as a couple or with older children who could participate more in walking around the area.

Review of Sendok Hotel, Sengiggi, Lombok

Sendok Hotel is centrally located right on the main road that runs through Senggigi. It takes just a few minutes to walk to the closest beach and there are plenty of restaurants in the area. There are also a handful of convenience stores and ATMs nearby.

However, the nearest beach is full of boats and isn’t great for swimming or snorkelling. Other parts of Senggigi beach are rocky, especially at high tide. There are lots of bays further north along the coast that would be better places to spend a day by the sea.

rocky beach senggigi
Part of Senggigi Beach

As for the hotel itself, it looked decidedly uninviting when we arrived as it’s fronted by a restaurant which is very dark and gloomy until they turn on the lights in the evening. Things improved when we got outside to the swimming pool and gardens at the back.

The gardens at Sendok Hotel are lovely, and the owner must be Balinese because there are lots of Balinese-style sculptures scattered around.

Sendok hotel review
The gardens at Sendok Hotel, Kuta

Our room was right at the back, which was fine, except for the day when we had to walk there in the pouring rain with absolutely no shelter along the way (and no umbrellas provided, naturally).

The rooms at Sendok Hotel

Our room was a good size and had a porch with two chairs outside. Being a proper hotel, it also had a TV and free water provided. Unfortunately there was no wi-fi in the room, and even when we went to the lobby to use it, it was incredibly slow. I was very glad to have our portable modem as backup.

The bathroom was very damp and mouldy, and the bedroom had patches on the roof and down one wall which seemed to be the result of leaks. These seem to have been fixed since we didn’t have any problems when it rained heavily, but the marks remain. There is an extractor fan in the bathroom which we kept running the whole time, but I think it’s a case of ‘too little, too late’ and they really need to strip the room out and start again.

mouldy bathroom in Sendok Hotel Lombok
Yuk – our bathroom at Sendok Hotel

Although this was unpleasant to look at, it didn’t affect our stay too much and there was no damp smell in the bedroom.

At 312k per night, it was cheap-ish for a hotel but the quality of the accommodation and lack of wi-fi let it down.

Breakfast at Sendok Hotel

We had a choice of toast, pancake, fried rice or fried noodles for breakfast. I ordered toast and asked if they could give us one extra piece for Abigail. When they said it would cost 19k for this, I got quite annoyed. They had earlier quoted us 25k per kilo for laundry (we later found a place to do it for 10k) so I just got the impression they were out to make money from their guests at every opportunity.

However, when the toast arrived it was a basket of thick-cut, fresh bread with butter, jam and honey portions – not the cheap sandwich bread that most guest houses use. When I realised it was 19k for all of this, not just for one extra slice, I realised it wasn’t such a bad deal so we ordered one more to ensure there was enough for all of us.

The breakfast also came with the option of fruit juice or fresh fruit. It wasn’t a big portion but it was nice to have something fresh.

There were two tiers of breakfast menu; the other one was for guests staying in the shared rooms or cheaper fan rooms. As far as I could tell, the only difference was that this didn’t include the fried rice or fried noodle options.

Is Sendok Hotel child-friendly?

The staff were, again, friendly towards Abigail. The swimming pool didn’t have a shallow area but did have steps and a ledge that she could play on. And since our room was tucked away at the back I felt safe letting her play out in the garden. The only downside was the path was quite uneven – just because of the style in which it had been done.

Review of Puji Homestay, Mataram, Lombok

This place was a great base for exploring the city of Mataram for a few days. It’s a block of small, local-style rooms in a family compound but ours was clean and the air conditioning worked well, and that’s all we really needed. There was a TV in the room too, which we didn’t use.

puji homestay mataram accommodation
The rooms at Puji Homestay, Mataram

At 175k a night including air con and breakfast, it was a great deal.

Some of the staff/family didn’t speak much English but a couple of them did. We had a problem with the hose in the bathroom leaking and they had someone in to fit a new one about 10 minutes after we mentioned it.

The only thing I didn’t like was the noise; they had a dog there which barked a lot and since the family live there too there is quite a lot going on during the day. It calms down at night, but there is still the noise from the nearby mosque (which is unavoidable in a city with a strong Muslim population). There are also a few chickens and dogs in neighbouring properties which we heard at night.

The location

Puji Homestay is located down a quiet road yet it’s just a couple of minutes’ walk from one of the city’s big malls, Mataram Mall. In this area there is a good selection of shops and plenty of places to get local food.

mataram mall view
View of the city from Mataram Mall rooftop

Apparently there’s also a public swimming pool right next to the mall, but we didn’t get around to finding this. The market just down the road from Puji Homestay is bustling with locals every morning.

It’s great to have so much within walking distance, but we also found it easy getting around Mataram by bike; it’s a compact city with not too much traffic.

Breakfast at Puji Homestay

There was a choice of omelette, pancake, fried rice or fried noodles for breakfast. I was sick of banana pancakes by this point, but Chandra said these were the best he’d had. I opted for the omelette which was a bit greasy but full of veggies. We bought our own bread again to make peanut butter sandwiches.

They took a while to bring out the food, which was only a problem on our last day when we were trying to leave to catch the ferry home.

Is Puji Homestay child-friendly?

I’d say this was the most child-friendly place we stayed. The lack of pool helped with safety, plus the friendly staff and family were always around to say hello to Abigail and keep an eye on her if she was playing outside in the pretty garden.

puji homestay review
The garden and temples at Puji Homestay

I’d be very happy to stay there again if we made another trip to Mataram.

Now you’ve read my reviews of our accommodation in Lombok, you can search for your own below. If you’re planning to travel there yourself, check out my tips for visiting Lombok with a toddler.


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